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Do I Need Lids?

Lids are available for most products, the most common being Straw Slotted for cold drinks. Other types of lids are:

  • Sip through Lids – A sip through lid designed for the coffee-to-go market.
  • Clear Dome Lid (No Hole) – Packaging (which is only suitable for cold use).
  • Clear Dome Lid (With Hole) – Used with a spoon straw for iced teas and coffees, slush and milk shakes. This gives the drink an upmarket look.

When applying lids, rest the lid on the cup and roll the palm of your hand from one side to the other. This should cause a click whereby the user knows the lids has been fitted correctly.

When applying hot lids, use the same process as cold, but where possible make the sip through be on the opposite side to the seam, as the seam sometimes (but rarely) causes a leak in the lid when below the sip through hole. Lids for tea bags slide and sip, enable the use of tea bags on a string.

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