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  • Do I Need Lids?
    Lids are available for most products, the most common being Straw Slotted for cold drinks. Other types of lids are:
    • Sip through Lids – A sip through lid designed for the coffee-to-go market.
    • Clear Dome Lid (No Hole) – Packaging (which is only suitable for cold use).
    • Clear Dome Lid (With Hole) – Used with a spoon straw for iced teas and coffees, slush and milk shakes. This gives the drink an upmarket look.
    When applying lids, rest the lid on the cup and roll the palm of your hand from one side to the other. This should cause a click whereby the user knows the lids has been fitted correctly. When applying hot lids, use the same process as cold, but where possible make the sip through be on the opposite side to the seam, as the seam sometimes (but rarely) causes a leak in the lid when below the sip through hole. Lids for tea bags slide and sip, enable the use of tea bags on a string. Please feel free to ring for further information.
  • What Do You Mean By The Term Hot Cups?
    These are suited to hot beverages. Please make sure that a full risk assessment has been done and that serving temperature is recorded at regular intervals on all drinks to make sure that maximum temperature is not exceeded. It is common to put a small amount of cold water in the top of black tea, coffee or Americano’s to reduce the drink to a safe temperature. The heat transfer through the side wall of a cup, whether china or paper, will give an indication to the user of the temperature of the drink they are about to consume. When producing your own print you may want to put a warning on the side of the cup. For example “Caution: Contents May Be Hot!”
  • What is FSC?
    The FSC is the forest stewardship councilIt is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organisation established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Over 1.3 million hectares of forest in China are certified to FSC standards.
  • What About Environmental Issues?
    All our cups are made from FSC approved managed softwood forests, the cups are from renewable resources. Most cups can be recycled by pulping in specialist mills or shredded and composted. If you would like to discuss this in more detail please do not hesitate to ring. We would be very happy to discuss this issues involved.
  • Do You Make Your Cups from Recycled Materials?
    We cannot use recycled materials in the construction of our cups as HSO maintain that any food contact materials must be made from virgin materials. That said, our materials are sourced from FSC approved forests and can be recycled.
  • What Coating Do You Use?
    Our cups have a polyethylene coating (PE) and this represents only a small % of the total weight of the cup. The PE coating not only makes the board waterproof, it is also melted onto the seams to weld the cup together.
  • Do You Stock Hot and Cold Cups?
    We stock both hot and cold cups. Our staff will advise you which is best for your needs when you get in touch.
  • What’s the Best Way of Contacting You?
    You can get in touch in a number of ways: Using our Live Chat widget on the website, email: or call us on 01200 449900.
  • Can You Export Paper Cups?
    Yes! In fact we have stock going out all over Europe every single day. Please get in touch with our advisors for more information on the availability of this service.